About Us

The idea of Voice Dental came to us when a dentist friend was visiting us over Thanksgiving 2018. She is one of the most dedicated and detail oriented dentists we interacted with and a true believer in patient care. Over the break, we discussed the pain points in our respective work lives. It was mind boggling to hear that an average dentist spends at least an hour (most spend over 2 hrs) a day documenting the clinical notes from the patient visits. That is a side of a dental visit that most patients don't get to see and hear about.

At the time, Voice AI was still in its infancy (think early days of Siri and Alexa..) and we felt an AI based approach to simplify this task would be of great help. Like any data driven engineers, we promptly started surveying dentists in our community and the results were clear - An easy to use, fully integrated voice AI to record and document clinical notes, charting and perio-charts would be a game changer for the industry.

Over the past 2 years, we perfected the product with help from many industry leading dentists and we aim to continue bringing technology and AI to the fore to help dentists do more with their time. In the end, our aim is to help dentists (and hygienists / dental assistants) spend more time chair side working with patients and less time on mundane paperwork without any drop off in documentation needed.

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