Simplify Charting and Patient Visit
Summaries in Your Dental Practice with
Voice AI

Your Voice. Denta’s Command. Put it to Work and Save Time.

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  • Open Dental Integration
  • Periodontal Exam
  • Voice Notes
  • Charting

Real-time data transfer to your Open Dental PMS.

Same Interface

You will see the same user interface that you are used to on Open Dental.

Zero Learning Curve

There is nothing new to learn. It’s the same Open Dental PMS and then your voice. Just talk!

All Patients & Appointments

Never miss a patient or appointment. All your patient history and appointments will show on the app.

Usage Access

You will get the same access privilege for users that you have on Open Dental.

Quick and easy periodontal exams with just voice commands.

Ease of Use

Your hygienist can get on it with standard voice commands and layout

Synchronized Charting

Charting updates are synchronized to reflect correct tooth status in future perio chart.

Zero Latency

Perio charts once completed are saved instantly in your Open Dental system.

Save Time. Everytime!

Complete and accurate perio charting in less than 5 minutes with no assistance.

Procedure documentation and patient visit summaries in a jiffy!

Contactless Data Entry

No more typing of patient summaries and clinical notes. Just dictate your notes.

Comprehensive Patient Details

Capture detailed notes and maintain comprehensive records for each patient in your PMS.

High Accuracy

Denta understands your voice and captures your instructions with high degree of accuracy.

Anytime & Anywhere

You have the flexibility of recording the notes chair side, in the office or at home.

Dental charting done seamlessly

Multiple Options

Record varied procedures such as Crowns, Extraction, RCT

Automatic Notes

Auto-notes follows charting for quick documentation of procedure.

Quick Charting

Chart treatment plans in just few minutes.

Clear Visual Representation

Displays applied procedures for each tooth distinctively.

A Voice Experience that Dentists Love

First impressions—Wow! Great product that will help any dentist chart and write notes more effectively and efficiently. A one stop shop for generating accurate notes, referrals and insurance narratives in a fraction of the time.

Dr. Wiseworth, DDS

Voice Dental is a very compelling product. It will dramatically reduce my time for perio-charting, and all post post-procedure documentation, giving me more time to spend with my patients or see new ones.

Dr. Kalluri, DDS

What a neat product! This is a much needed solution for any Dental office.

Paige, Dental Assistant

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