Works With Your Open Dental
Practice Management System

All your voice notes, charting and procedures are stored in
your practice management system with no additional
typing effort.

Open Dental


* Coming soon on other PMS platforms.

Talk. Speak. Dictate. Get Things Done!

Spend more time with your patients and deliver better care. Leave the rest to Denta.
Denta’s AI engine takes into account the context of your voice instructions and delivers
exceptional speed and precision.

Perio Exam

Periodontal Exam

Record periodontal exam in less than
5 minutes without any assistance.

Perio Exam

Voice Notes

Spend 40% less time on documenting
patient visit summaries.



Save 80% of your time on charting and
clinical note taking.

A Voice Experience that Dentists Love

First impressions—Wow! Great product that will help any dentist chart and write notes more effectively and efficiently. A one stop shop for generating accurate notes, referrals and insurance narratives in a fraction of the time.

Dr. Wiseworth, DDS

Voice Dental is a very compelling product. It will dramatically reduce my time for perio-charting, and all post post-procedure documentation, giving me more time to spend with my patients or see new ones.

Dr. Kalluri, DDS

What a neat product! This is a much needed solution for any Dental office.

Paige, Dental Assistant

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